"Que Sera, Sera..
Auliya is My School,
Make me Smart,
Creative and Pious."

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Let’s Play and Learn with Islamic Sentra

“Every child possesses intelligence and unique qualities that are very special. The golden age is certainly the most precious time for them. The integration of Islamic values in focal learning, full support and affectionate guidance from the teachers, as well as a spacious and child-friendly playground, complement the fun and enjoyable learning experience at AULIYA Islamic Kindergarten.”

My School, My Second Home

SDIT Auliya nurtures children’s potential with Islamic values and positive character in a cozy and enjoyable learning atmosphere, accompanied by warm and caring teachers. Learning programs based on SAL, English Native Speaker, and Cambridge Curriculum complement students’ learning journey. Supported by sports facilities and comfortable classrooms, it further strengthens the formation of a resilient generation with a champion mindset

To Be Creatively Smart Young Leader

Friendly and approachable teachers bring Islamic, active, and enjoyable learning to adolescence. Digital literacy program, English Native Speaker, Cambridge Curriculum as well as Champion and Leadership programs, make students mature and confident individuals. Sports facilities, healthy canteen, and plaza complement memorable moments for students at Auliya Integrated Islamic Junior High School.

Amazing Journey to get the Dream Campus

Auliya Integrated Islamic High School offers digital learning based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), literacy skills in language, numeracy, and financial literacy, complemented by English Native Speaker and Cambridge Curriculum. Framed within Islamic values and positive character development, alongside competent and engaging teachers, as well as sports facilities, healthy canteen, and plaza, it creates an extraordinary journey for students to achieve their dream campuses.